Mika & Me

Mika & Me mural

With Michelle Campbell / 2021 / Mika & Me, Glasgow

Portrayals: Painting Scotland’s Climate Story

climate change oceans

Introduction The Climate Change Mural Project is a Scotland wide visual celebration of positive climate change action. An unrelentingly positive approach showing why climate action matters. Our aim is to blow people’s minds, strengthen connections with the environment and inspire positive change. In short… we’re painting murals all over Scotland to promote positive action on […]

The Clutha Portraits

The Clutha Portraits Street Art

With Ejek, Michael Corr, Little Book Transfers, Claudine O’Sullivan, Michelle Campbell, Rogue One, Coll Hamilton, Jody Kelly, Christian Kerr, Robotic Ewe / 2020 / Clutha, Bridgegate, Glasgow

Freddos & Inflation

Good as gold mural

With Conzo Throb & Ciaran Globel / 2019 / Springfield Court, Glasgow Remember when a Freddo used to cost 10p… well now it’s worth its weight in gold! The chocolate bar seems to have become a measure for inflation, and almost every couple of years we see the price hike and accompanying memes doing the rounds. […]


girls and bubbles mural Glasgow

With Rogue Oner / 2019 / Renfield Lane, Glasgow