Wee Murals

A series of intimate art interventions outdoors. A new perspective on Glasgow’s renowned street art spaces and mural trail.

A careful curation of small paintings and artistic pieces on various surfaces, beginning in the quirky streets of Glasgow’s West End. A dedicated outdoor gallery to engage people and enhance spaces. Art in the street reaches more people, and we’d like to bring more art into the public realm to stimulate thought, create discussion and simply entertain.

Wee walls will allow more artists to do what they are best at on a more achievable and comfortable scale, meaning more styles and greater diversity.

Have a wall?

Such is the scale of what we’re proposing that it will not impact business owners’ visibility in any way, rather it will enhance spaces and get people to stop more often, while bringing people to the area to enjoy the attraction. Selective and widespread positioning will invite exploration of the area to see all of the artwork.

Email ali@artpistol.co.uk, I’m local, so can pop in to chat and see your wall.